Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Here's where I'm not

For the first time in my life, and after 22 years as a floating voter, I'm seriously considering joining a political party.

Just to be clear from the start, I'm not doing it for any of these reasons:

1) So that I can "make a difference". I think I can do this perfectly well without joining a party, and may be be less constrained by having to fit in.

2) To find a wife - one is enough already.

3) To become an MP. I can think of better things to do at this stage in my life.

4) So that I can spend all my time convincing other people that the party of my choice is right. For one thing I doubt they will be right all the time, and for another I'm already willing to have political discussions anyway.

5) To get some political opinions - I already have plenty of those.

So why would I do this? Mainly:

1) So I can see if it changes the way I think about politics.

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