Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Why to vote Lib Dem on May 6th

If you haven't already voted postally, you might want to think about these reasons to vote Liberal Democrat:

  1. It's the economy: the Lib Dems have the best strategy for recovery and that's without the advantage of the knowledge you get from running it for the last 13 years.
  2. They were right about Iraq, and not afraid to say so. 1 million British people marched on London to try to stop the war in Iraq, and the only party that stood with them (as a whole, not just isolated individuals) was the Liberal Democrat Party.
  3. The Lib Dems stand for your freedom, this is why they oppose forcing us all to pay for ID cards, just so the government gets a big database with all our names on it. They have consistently opposed draconian legislation, believing that freedom is better.
  4. They were right about the banks. They were the only party warning about the issues in British banking long before the others noticed that we had a credit crunch on our hands.
  5. They believe in electoral reform - that means getting the representation in government that the british people deserve.
  6. If you're into science and technology or general geek endeavors, the Lib Dems are by far the most clued up:
  7. Dare I say, Nick Clegg? After the way we were all let down by Tony Blair I could well regret putting him forward, but he seems like the real deal to me and I hope that on balance he will be.
  8. But most of all because you want to, and there's no reason to feel guilty about it
But whatever party (or independent candidate) you want to support, most of all, just get out and vote tomorrow - make your voice heard!

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